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Notice Regarding Suspicious mails (Spoofing mails)


We hope everthing is going well with you and we thank for your full support extending to us as always.

Nowadays,we have been confirming some cases of we call , '' Spoofing mails'' ,

which are suspicious mails of outgoing and or incomig by 3rd persons outside , pretending as our company staffs .

These are surely suspicious mails outgoing to you by some other outside persons , and not by our real company staffs.

We think , way of distinguish of '' Spoofing mails'' or not is as folloing for examle .

・In case of real emails from our company staffs , domain adress of [****] is used. while

・In case of '' Spoofing mails'', adress of [****](see, m is used instead of n] are likely to be used as example .

As above , we think it might difficult for you to distinguish real or spoofing at a glance

Therefore ,in these situation ,you are strongly required to pay attention when you receive mails from our supposed staffs,specially in case of receiving of ''you have no idea about its mail content'' ,and or with stipulating of '' requesting to chage to new bank account from usual bank account'' and '' stressing you to pay remittance soon '' etc.

and if you recognize these spoofing mails , you are required to inform its case to us immediately and to disregard, then to delete accordingly .

We , of course , have been enough taking care of infomation securety of prevention measures against spoofing mails etc..since past time, however while we will continuously strengthen more about security measurements than before .

Your kind undestanding and cooperation is highly appreciated .

Sincerely and Best Regards

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