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Dr. Japan developed a face shield for infection protection and start selling it overseas


Dr Japan has co-developed highest class ‘’ Dr Japan’’ Brand 100% Japanese Made Face Shield with Akamatsu Kasei Kogyou who is leading manufacture of PP and PET using container product in Japan.

Our company philosophy is to contribute to ‘’ Medical’’, ‘’ Culture’’, ‘’ Environment’’ through our company activity and products, and we believe Dr Japan Brand Face Shield could much this philosophy by providing for Japanese and International market.

Our policy of this product development is to promise

・Highest Grade of ‘’Transparency’’

・Highest Grade of ‘’Anti-Fog’’

・Highest prevention of in-coming and out-going splash to/from mouth.

We also would like to introduce several feedback, voice, from front site users in Medical Field for example as follows as strong characteristic points.

・Limited space is enough for product stock because of capable multiple folding in storage.

・No need for sorting when dispose because of 100% PET material used ( no other material used)

・Medical staff can correspond promptly to emergent case because of integrated product of Shiel and Belt, and easy wearing .

・Less tired even after usage at long , higher tensioned scene.

・Eye site is very clear , then no distortion ,and no blurred , because of ant-fog coating, as well as transparency .

・In-coming and out-going splash visual testing proved how our Face Shield can prevent these splash , which can give safety and relief feeling .

Above feedback are just example from medical front site, and we trust you could have real feeling when use actually.

Again, we believe our Face Shield can well satisfy users in the world as well as contribution to society as above mentioned.

Contact information

Dr. Japan., Co. Ltd. International business Dept.

Phone +81-33513-8766


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