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Patient chair for radiography ELDORADO

product image - Patient chair for X-ray photography El Dorado

We respond to the on-site needs of the general radiology department.

El Dorado is a product designed and developed from the field perspective of the diagnostic imaging department of the Department of Radiology, Hospital.

The patient can be seated on a chair and 90 degrees to the left and right with the electromagnetic lock method, and the seat can be freely rotated back and forth, so it can be easily positioned at any shooting angle.

The burden on radiological technologists and medical staff is greatly reduced because there is no need to position patients such as cases where it is difficult to take pictures in a standing position or wheelchair cases, and assistance during taking pictures.

A fixing belt is also attached so as not to cause anxiety to the patient.

General agency: Global Electronics Co., Ltd.
TEL 03-3260-1412

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