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Combined spinal epidural anesthesia (CSE)

Product Summary

Needle for CSE

  1. Used to administer combined spinal-epidural anesthesia.

  2. If spinal subarachnoid anesthesia alone is inadequate or you want to extend operating time, a more sufficient anesthetic effect can be obtained by continuously injecting an anesthetic through a catheter for epidural anesthesia.

  3. The epidural needle is available as a Huber point type.

  4. There are two types of spinal anesthesia needles, K-3 point and pencil point.


​Introduction of processing technology

We can handle cutting edge and pipe shapes according to your needs, such as spinal anesthesia needles and biopsy needles for collecting biological tissues.

Introducing the processing technology of Dr. Japan, which has obtained some patents. We also accept product customization and OEM / ODM manufacturing.

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