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Washing soap

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Product Summary

Doctor Japan focuses on nosocomial infections, which have been a social problem since its establishment, and provides excellent products for controlling nosocomial infections to medical sites.

Strong hydrolyzing action

Insulnet is a special enzyme that works against difficult-to-remove stains such as blood, mucus, protein, fat, and carbohydrates attached to treatment tools such as fiberscopes, rigid endoscopes, biopsy forceps, and other surgical instruments. It exerts a strong hydrolyzing effect. In particular, dirt adhering to channels that are not brushed well, air inlets, forceps standing grooves, etc. can be removed by simply immersing them for a short time.

Cleaning agent that is gentle on endoscopes and surgical instruments

Insulnet is non-corrosive to the material and can be used with most surgical instruments. It does not damage the metal, rubber, corrugated tubes, plastics, etc. of the endoscope.

Easy rinse

The insulnet is a simple rinse that leaves no residue and eliminates clogging in the channel.

how to use

  • Dilute Insulnet EZ 50cc with 6 liters of water or warm water (120x ratio) to make a cleaning solution.

  • Soak the utensil for 2-5 minutes for warm water and 10-15 minutes for water, then rinse with tap water.

Distributor: Kenz Medico Co., Ltd.
TEL: 0495-71-1001

* This product is a mild cleanser, but please wear gloves when handling sensitive or contaminated skin.

* This product does not have a sterilizing effect.

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