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Disposable gloves


Product Summary

Doctor Japan focuses on nosocomial infections, which have been a social problem since its establishment, and provides excellent products for controlling nosocomial infections to medical sites.

Excellent tensile strength and hard to break

Manufactured from high quality latex rubber with mounting formulation, it has excellent tensile strength and is durable against tearing.
(Latex gloves)

Trace amount of powder, powder free

To make it easy to put on, the applied powder is suppressed to a small amount, so it is gentle on the skin and does not stain your hands or equipment.
We also have powder-free products.
(Latex gloves / plastic gloves)

Soft and fits perfectly in your hand

It has a softness like latex and is embossed on the fingertips, so it is suitable for long-term fine work.
(Nitrile glove)

Easy to take out

Easy to take out with 100 sheets of tissue type (for both left and right).


Waste treatment, cleaning, general work, etc.

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