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CSR policy

Doctor Japan aims for mutual development with all stakeholders such as customers and employees based on the management philosophy of "contribution to medical care, culture and the environment".

Through our business activities, we will contribute to the formation of a sustainable society for the future.

Quality management

We have introduced a quality control system compliant with ISO13485 since 2007.

We deliver safe, secure and high-quality products both inside and outside Japan.

SGS ISO 13485 UKAS_TCL_LR.jpgの複製

SDGs goals that contribute to achievement


Employment and human resource development

We will endeavor to maintain and improve sound working conditions that respect the rights of employees, and to maintain and improve a safe and comfortable working environment.

In addition, we will recognize the diversity and individuality of our employees, and actively strive to foster a workplace culture and develop human resources who can fully demonstrate their abilities.

Work-life balance

Establishing a system for shortening working hours / holidays for childcare

Establishing a system for shortened working hours / holidays for long-term care

・ Carrier formation

Implementation of in-house training and external training

SDGs goals that contribute to achievement


Environmental protection

We continue to strive to minimize the burden on the environment in our business processes.

・ Introduction of LED lighting to reduce greenhouse gas emissions

・ Reduction of paper resources Recycling of corrugated cardboard and copy paper

SDGs goals that contribute to achievement


​ Compliance with laws and regulations

We will establish a compliance system, fulfill our responsibilities as a business entity, and respond to requests for cooperation and inquiries from related parties.

SDGs goals that contribute to achievement

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