management philosophy

“Contributing to healthcare, culture, and the environment”

Contributing to healthcare, culture, and the environment

Message from the President

I believe “People live to help others.”

Everyday, our life is constantly supported by others even without us knowing it.
We use products made by others, eat food made by others, and use services provided by others. There is always someone who supports us behind the scenes. So, it is with such “behind-the-scene efforts” that we are able to live comfortably.

Dr. Japan also aims to help people through its business and continue to be a company making “behind-the-scene efforts.”
In the healthcare business, we offer reliable, safe, and effective products to healthcare professionals in order to contribute to patients and the development of healthcare.
In the food business, we offer and promote safe, delicious, and healthy organic food to our customers in order to contribute to reducing environmental loads.

We, Dr. Japan, will work as one in good faith according to our Management Philosophy, “Contributing to healthcare, culture, and the environment.”
It is through these contributions that we earnestly hope to become a world-class company that is selected by customers, employees, and all other stakeholders involved in Dr. Japan with a sense of satisfaction.
Because it is also our joy to help people.

Tomoaki Kinoshita
Tomoaki Kinoshita

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